Saco Sarkissian

Creative Director

Petals LA is the expression of Saco Sarkissian’s refined and sophisticated aesthetic that brings together the world’s most beautiful flowers with the storytelling power of a modern day love story.

A lifelong student of the visual and fine arts, Saco travels the world to indulge his many curiosities. Whether it’s the beaches of Ipanema or Ibiza, to the bustling capitals of Paris and Rome, Saco has his finger on the pulse of a worldly and informed design aesthetic. Upon graduating UCLA, and completing his final term in London, Saco has been regularly styling events for Rihanna, Hilary Duff, and Kim Kardashian West. Known as much for his envelope pushing designs as for his calm and nurturing demeanor, clients inevitably turn into lifelong friends and family.

Supermodel Joanna Krupa notes,
“Saco is the only florist that I ever use. He’s the only one who understands my vision.”

Creative director and principal founder Saco has led Petals LA to become an aspirational name in the floral and event design industry. Alongside Saco, the Petals LA design family is enhanced with the most talented creative florists and designers from around the world. Our focus is centered on creating dreamlike atmospheres for all our weddings and special events. At Petals LA, each event is a celebration, a moment suspended in time to be enjoyed and reveled by all our guests.

Best tip for the bride and groom

It’s normal to be a little nervous.
Just remember there are no mistakes.
And the bride who let’s go of the little things
and embraces the real journey of building
a solid foundation with her partner,
usually has the best wedding,
and the best marriage.

Favorite Place in the World

A night out for dinner
with my mom,
hearing stories from her past.

Saco’s Favorite Magazines

When he’s not styling
beautiful events

Spending time with my close knit
group of friends since childhood.
We always have dinner once a
week at one of our homes, and
before the night ends, we usually
have a trip planned for
somewhere near or far.

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